The South Carolina Association of School Social Workers (SCASSW)  invites you to be a member of our association for the school year of 2017 - 2018.  SCASSW provides training for School Social Workers and the opportunity to connect with other school social workers in the state.   Membership in SCASSW enhances our ability to ensure that this opportunity will remain available to support  and promote School Social Work in South Carolina.   

Our By-laws state that membership runs from August 1 – July 31 (basically a school calendar year).  As a benefit of being a member, dues must be paid by December 31 to receive the reduced registration fee for the spring conference.  You have until December 31 to pay your dues in order to receive this benefit.   

Options for paying for your membership includes paying your registration for the Fall Conference ($130 includes the registration) or by  sending a check ($30) to our treasurer, Evelyn Singleton, 168 Mount Hope Drive, Orangeburg, SC 29118, with a completed membership form that is available at our website www.scassw.com

Since some districts have a policy to not cover membership dues to professional organizations;  we encourage you to join even if you have to personally pay for the membership dues.  We  considered the dues to be very affordable when compared to other professional organizations.  We want to continue to offer affordable school social work  training to you at a reduced rate to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet licensure requirements.    

SCASSW Board of Directors

Types of Membership

Active Membership

An active member shall consist of all persons who are actively employed by a public or private school or state education agency, and meets the state’s requirement for the position of social worker. An active member may have voting rights and the opportunity to hold office.

Associate Membership

An associate member may be a professional person working in an agency, organization, which provides service to children. 

A professional person employed exclusively by a school district to provide social work services to children and families, but do not meet the state’s requirement for the position of social worker , and is therefore assigned another job title.

An associate member may not have voting rights or hold office, but may serve on committees and will receive all other benefits assigned to active membership.

Student Membership

Student membership shall be open to college and university social work students.  

A student may not have voting rights or hold office, but may serve on committees and will receive all other benefits associated with active membership.

Retired Membership

A person eligible for active membership may become an affiliate member if retired or unemployed.  A retired member shall have all the rights of active members.

Membership Form

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